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  • Launching new prints at the Babytime Show

    Come and see us at the Momzelle booth (#132). We will have special offers (you could even win a photo shoot!), and we will also be launching new prints on our nursing tops, never seen before. The hummingbird will be back, on the navy v-neck tee this time around. As for the other prints, you'll either have to come to the show or be patient! The BabyTime show Momzelle Booth #132 April 30th-May 2nd 10AM-6PM International Centre (very close to the airport) Hall 1 acheter generique cialis, cialis 5mg prix, achat cialis france, cialis medicament clomid, synthroid, zithromax, accutane, celebrex
  • Happy Earth Day!

    It is this time of year again: the leaves are coming out, the trees are becoming green, the birds are singing and I am amazed by mother nature. From eating more locally grown food to using vinegar and baking soda as cleaning products, there are many little things that we can all do to help the planet. Earth Day is the day to reflect on what actions we are taking to bring our hopes closer to reality. Random thoughts about beeing a "green mom" with an environmentally-socially responsible business (Momzelle): - I need to back off on Tim Horton's coffee, that paper cup may go in the recycling, but it is better not to use one to start with... Reduce is...
  • Wonderful Breastfeeding Art: lucky day

    Look at what I found! These breastfeeding drawings were made by a graphic artist who makes a living out of drawing illustrations for magazines. When she had a baby, she became very involved and interested in breastfeeding and she started to draw this series of breasfeeding illustrations. She wanted to keep her name under cover (don't ask me why!), but she kindly gave me the permission to put up some of her breastfeeding art here. We are lucky! Anyone who has a not-for-profit organization and who would like to promote a breastfeeding-related activity with her illustrations can do so.
  • New Momzelle Nursing Tops Have Arrived!

    Shop the new Momzelle nursing tops styles and colours Shop our newest selection of Momzelle nursing tops online. They arrived early last week and they are already selling very fast. Hurry to get the style and size you want before it is too late! This may sound like a cheesy selling argument, but believe me, it is no joke. Just think of the speed at which the nursing hoody in berry was gone! We now only have it in XS and XL. The new styles are available in extra-small, small, medium, large, extra-large and even, due to the high demand, in extra-extra-large. Each one of us should feel pretty and good while breastfeeding in public! I love the new pictures that are up...

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