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  • Milan Kundera on Breastfeeding

    Ah, the joy of suckling!  She lovingly watched the fishlike motions of the toothless mouth and she imagined that with her milk there flowed into her little son her deepest thoughts, concepts, and dreams. ~Milan Kundera, Life is Elsewhere
  • Moving sale!

    Momzelle is growing and moving to a new location - in Montreal. We are sad to leave Toronto, where we made some great friends and got to know the other business owners on the Dundas West strip (Beadle, Lula Lounge, the Atlantic restaurant, etc.), but we are looking forward to going back to our Quebec French roots, and to life and business in Montreal. The little storefront/distribution centre that we have in Toronto will not be in operation anymore as all of our activities will be transferred to Montreal (new address to be announced). It's a big move for us and hopefully the transition will go smoothly. In the meanwhile, we would like to travel as lightly as possible so we are having a moving...
  • Breastfeeding on top of the Acropolis

    You may have been wondering why the Momzelle Facebook page was so quiet in the past two weeks, and why I had not wished you a happy Mother's Day... I decided to take some vacation and went to visit friends of mine in Greece, where I completely disconnected from all internet, phone and other technology. So, please accept my belated Mother's Day wishes! While on top of the Acropolis, I saw a mother nurse her 3 month old. I could not resist taking a picture (she also asked me to take some pictures for her)! What a wonderful place to nurse, the view of Athens is magnificent up there. Have you also nursed in a beautiful setting? Breastfeeding on top of the...

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