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  • It's all about boobs.

    They Weren't Put There Just to Hold Up a Strapless Dress. I love how this Infact Canada poster promoting breastfeeding plays with the various functions of a woman's breasts. It is hard to read in such small characters, but is is written ¨Contrary to popular belief, breastfeeding after childbirth won't affect your breast size, shape or ability to defy gravity ¨. I simply love it. It is not because you are a nursing mom that you suddenly can not feel sexy and be a woman. It is quite a striking way to talk about the myths of breastfeeding too. Campaigns promoting breastfeeding can be very inventive and fun. This one certainly won't leave you indifferent.
  • Did you know about the Code ?

    This is something that I first read a while back on the Nourri-Source website, (a good breastfeeding resource/support for Quebec mothers), but it is Dr. Jack Newman's book The Ultimate Breastfeeding Book of Answers that really got me thinking. Over 20 years ago, the World Health Organization published the International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes. It forbids any advertising for formula (like the one we see in numerous baby magazines), direct marketing to mothers (like the one done at baby shows), the donation of samples (by the manufacturer or through doctor offices), sales on formula (hu-hum, I guess the corner drugstore is not aware of this), etc. Every year or two, the code gets updated. I can't help but think that if this code...
  • Cool breastfeeding video

    This video used to be on the previous version of Momzelle's website and I am really sad it is not there anymore. It is such an amazing and nice video promoting breastfeeding, I thought I'd share it with you here. Enjoy !
  • Momzelle now has a picture gallery of breastfeeding moms

    That's it ! Our new website is on. It is not perfect, that's for sure (one of the main problems being that the shopping cart empties when you click outside of the shopping window), but we are very proud to have a new section with photos of moms wearing Momzelle nursing tops.  They are beautiful ! Have a look, click on this link:  Thank you so much for all the moms who sent their photos ! More pictures will be added as we receive them by email. Do you have a picture that you'd like to send us ? Please do so ! Send it to  ¨info at momzelle dot com¨ Have a great day everyone (snif, I know almost no one will read this...
  • Fake women nursing in public

      Marin County in California is the stage of a new campaign promoting breastfeeding in public. Life size photographs of women breastfeeding their child are posted in public spaces, catching the eye of passers by. The idea is that people should not be surprised by seeing women nursing their child in public, as it is perfectly natural and legally protected in the area (as it should be everywhere). ¨When breastfeeding is accepted, it won't be noticed¨, says every cardboard woman. Thumbs up for the Marin breastfeeding Coalition for putting in place such a great campaign ! Source: Bay area NBC
  • Nursing in an Hello Kitty maternity

      Lucky Taiwan mothers ;), you can now give birth in a Hello Kitty maternity in Yuanlin ! The hospital, spread on 4 floors, was built in 2006 and claims to be the only one that has received Sanrio's autorization to use his well known character Hello Kitty. From the waiting room where you can find a gigantic Hello Kitty sculpture dressed up in a doctor to the nursery and the nurses' aprons, Hello Kitty is absolutely everywhere. This hospital offers 30 rooms and the mothers are offered a baby Hello Kitty receiving blanket in pink or in blue. The director Tsai Tsung-Chi hopes that this magical space will help alleviate the mothers' pain and fears related to giving birth. Why not, after all...
  • The cost of mat leave

    The city of Toronto Children Services has a childcare subsidy probram, which is great, and which I have been using for the past year. I just learned today that it is not possible to work part-time with a baby in a sling, and still bring the older child to daycare. They both need to go full time to daycare or not at all, which makes the transition from mat leave to work a little edgy if you can't afford two full time spaces at daycare (over 3 000$/month for both children). Hum.. having a second kid requires a second thought.
  • How to obtain an article in the National Post

    Become a Canadian Youth Business Foundation (CYBF) entrepreneur ! The National Post features small business owners every week, and once a month it is an entrepreneur that benefits from the CYBF program that is under the spotlight. This January, it is Momzelle ( owners and siblings Vincent and Christine Poirier (me!) who are featured. To read the article, click on this link:
  • Sleep deprived mompreneurs

    It is not easy everyday to be a mompreneur ( a mom and an entrepreneur). This morning I would have slept a little more after a hard night of little sleep with my toddler waking me every hour. Still, I have it easy compared to other moms who still take care of their kids AND of their business during their working hours. I do not know how they can manage, but I look at them admiringly. Coffee, anyone ?
  • The New Yorker writes about pumping milk

    Why would mothers want to pump their milk ?, asks Jil Lepore in today's New Yorker article ( It may seem weird to give expressed human milk in a bottle (or spoon/cup), but it is really the second best option after giving breastmilk directly from the breast.  And what's the third best option ? Giving expressed human milk from another mom.  The World Health Organization recommends exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months, and continued breastfeeding for up to 2 years, as it is the best food for a healthy infant optimal growth. This message is starting to reach a lot of moms, and I think a lot of them would nurse instead of pump if they could. Unfortunately, maternity leaves, especially in the USA, are very short, and breastfeeding exclusively for 6...

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