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Thank you so much to all the moms who have sent in their picture wearing their Momzelle nursing tops. All of us at Momzelle are very proud to be your favorite nursing wear brand. We are often told that we have the best - the most practical and easy to use - nursing opening on the market. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so have a look at these wonderful moms who are not afraid to nurse their babies in front of everyone!

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My two sisters and I were lucky enough to all have children in the same year.  My eldest sister had twins!  We all breastfeed and the "I make milk!  What's your superpower?" t-shirt is perfect for making people smile.

We love the comfort and durability of the cotton and, of course, how easy and discreet it is to nurse our babies!

Thank you Momzelle!


  As with my pregnancy, the early days of breastfeeding my son were difficult.  We had various problems including a tongue-tie (leading to severely cracked nipples), thrush and low milk supply.  Two months later, still breastfeeding, I bought my first Momzelle top, the 3/4 fancy top.  I liked it so much that I bought three more long sleeve tops to get us through the winter, because I'm always cold!, and the Maria dress which was perfect for my son's baptism at church.  It will make the most wonderful holiday card!  

Thank you Momzelle!


(translated, original in French) 


After trying unsuccessfully to breastfeed my two boys, my little Maïté arrived and it is paradise.  It's been two months since I started breastfeeding and I'm in heaven. Here's how I discovered Momzelle; One day in a nursing room at a mall, I saw a young mom who was nursing very comfortably.  When she finished, she stood up and I read Momzelle on her sweater. I immediately did a search on the net and I came to your site. There was a promotion, so no excuse for not trying your line of breastfeeding tops! I ordered four shirts and a nursing band. I can tell you that I am very satisfied with the quality of cotton, different styles and how the clothes hug my curves gracefully. Thank you for simplifying our lives.

(translated, original in French) 

Dear Momzelle,

I just had to tell you how much I love your nursing tops. I ordered a couple more and received them in the mail yesterday. I was amazed at how quickly you got them to me! I haven't had an easy time nursing, mostly because my son had a tongue-tie that went undiagnosed for many weeks and which left me with a pretty bad nursing injury. He is now 3 months old, my wound has healed and I love breastfeeding him. Your tops make nursing him in public so easy and they totally flatter my post-pregnancy. Thank you so much for the role your clothes have played in helping me look as good breastfeeding as I feel about it :)

I received my nursing tops yesterday (ordered on the 27th, delivered on the 3rd- that's only 7 days from Toronto to Honeoye, NY, not bad!) and I'm in love. So comfy and awesome for nursing, they'll soon become my favorite tops.  First item on my Christmas Wish list is more of them :)  I was so excited to find them waiting when I got home that Erik (12 weeks old today!) and I had a celebratory nurse as soon as I could try one on.   Thank you for dreaming them up and making them so close to home.  I have family all over Canada and cousins in Toronto, so in my mind you're a local business!  I'll be singing the praises of Momzelle to all my nursing / soon to be nursing friends.


Here is a photo of my son and I wearing my "I make milk. What's your superpower?" Momzelle nursing top. I love Momzelle tops - I think this one is my 6th one!

My nursling is almost 16 months old. I love wearing my Momzelle tops when I know I'm going to need to nurse in a crowded place. My little guy won't sit still for very long and will often want to nurse and then suddenly jump out of my lap. My Momzelle tops make it easy for me to quickly give my son access to mommy's milk and to cover my exposed breast after my son leaves me hanging!

I am a proud breastfeeding mama and will talk to just about anyone about breastfeeding. The "I make milk. What's your superpower?" has been a great breastfeeding conversation starter. I've been amazed at how many strangers have come up to me and asked me about breastfeeding. Recently, an older gentleman said to me, "Your shirt says you make milk." He looked at me and then looked at my toddler and then said, "Still?" I proudly said, "Absolutely." He responded, "Good for you, dear." To which I said, "And good for my baby!" This shirt is a must have for any proud breastfeeding mama!


I absolutely LOVE your extra long nursing short sleeve tee!  I ordered two, found they were all I wanted to wear, then ordered two more - so I wasn't doing laundry everyday!

I wear a size large, and I LOVE the fit.  The length of the body, the length of the overlay, and the length of the short sleeves are PERFECT.  Also the shoulder width across is perfect, too.  (So often other companies grade the shoulder width across too much for size large).   I used to work in the clothing design/manufacturing industry, so I know how important feedback is on the fit.

Also, I will compare you guys to one of your competitors: "Boob".  I have a "Boob" t-shirt - similar in look to yours - and it is also extra long, so a great length. However, your fit, fabric, and design are far more superior!  The fabric is softer and more comfortable, the overlay is a much better length, and the design of your shirt - with both front layers attached at the neckline and holes to nurse - is MUCH BETTER than the "Boob" design of having the overlay sit on top of the main front body; it can look rumpled with the elastic top on the underlay.

I will definitely tell all my nursing friends about your tees, you are doing a great job, and I wish you the best of luck and much success!

Best regards,
Tracy Adams

My name is Alexa and I am two months old. Before my mom knew about Momzelle tops, she would nurse me under a blanket. BLAH! It was hot and stuffy under there! It was difficult to breath and you can't even imagine what it did to my hair! 

Now that my mom wears Momzelle tops, she can freely nurse me in the fresh air. It has done wonders for my sassy hairdos and for my self-esteem! Your tops are so flattering that my mom even told my dad that she feels back to her old self again.

Thanks Momzelle for making us both VERY HAPPY!

Excuse my grin, I was super excited to be at the Boston Children's Museum with my daughter who was in awe of everything she saw for the first time. I was just comfortable and happy I could nurse her anywhere I want with maximum ease. I can honestly say Momzelle rocks!

I just love ordering from Momzelle. You make me feel so special. In the package I just received you enclosed a hand written note. Amazing.

My first order with you was for my daughter in law. It was a congratulations gift to her on the arrival of my first grandchild. I expressed concern that I won’t have the gift in hand prior to my going to visit them and you rushed my order out and then followed with an email to see if I got it before leaving on my trip…..AND inside my package was a hand written note wishing me joy meeting my grandson.

My first top took a full two weeks to arrive so I ordered this one with that in mind. It arrived on the fourth business day after I placed the order….nice surprise.

My daughter is now thinking of becoming a Mom and no doubt, she will be a Momzelle fan as well. So I look forward to our days ahead making these two special women in my life happy. You can count me as one of your American customers that is a big fan.

Keep you the great work, Georgia (Dee Dee) Davis

I love the Momzelle tops!  I find them particularly wonderful for hiking and nursing.  Here is a picture from the south rim of the Grand Canyon on the Bright Angel Trail in October 2009.  My daughter Caroline was 10 months old at the time, and it was by far the coolest moment of our nursing experience.  My husband and I love hiking, and it was the first time we had hiked the canyon with Caroline.  We only hiked 3 miles, but it was a wonderful feeling to take her to a favorite place for us.  I found a nook off the trail at a sharp switchback turn and settled in to feed her sitting on some rocks.  She had been riding on my husband's back in a comfy carrier but was getting fussy.  I felt very comfortable with my Momzelle top covering me while I held her.  My husband was sweet and took some pictures of us with the canyon in the background.

I wear your tops around the house - out and about - hiking - and especially on airplane flights!  I love the coverage and comfort!  I am a pediatrician and help breastfeeding mothers in my practice, and I have your magnet on our office refrigerator and tell my patients' mothers about your website.

Thanks for a great product!!
Laurie B. Jones, MD, FAAP, CLEC

Momzelle tops have given me the confidence to nurse my daughter wherever and whenever!  Nursing has never been easier.  Thank you!

This has been a luxury I can't live without!  Not only keeps my tummy covered for modesty-sake, but for warmth as well - a necessity as winter fast approaches here in Vermont...  I even managed to nurse, while baby-wearing, while hiking, without missing a step!  Plus it's so discreet that people have entered into conversation with me and have no idea that I'm even breast-feeding.  I'm definitely adding more shirts to my Christmas wish list, since 2 is proving not enough!
thank you,

Hi Momzelle,

I was so thrilled to find a practical top that was also easy to wear with just about anything. Sandra is now 7 weeks old and I have already bought 4 of your tops (one of which is on the way :) They are perfect for any outting. Please keep making more colors and styles and I will keep buying them. Many of my nursing friends are also very curious to know more about your products!

Thanks, Julia and Sandy (Boston, MA)


I wanted to send a picture of me in my wonderful Momzelle top with my one month old little boy. These tops are the best and make breastfeeding so much easier. I wish I would have known about them when I was nursing my daughter!


Je suis une nouvelle maman d'une petite fille de 11 mois. Je ne l'allaite plus mais j'adore votre chandail et je continue de le porter. Personne ne sais que c'est un chandail d'allaitement alors ;) J'ai hate de pouvoir l'utiliser avec mes autres enfants  et j'Espere pouvoir me permettre de m'acheter plusieur de vos chandail pour le prochain bébé ils sont tellement pratique et on peu allaiter n'importe ou!!

i am grateful owner of 3 momzelle tops and they have been a life saver!! I have to travel for work weekly and I am committed to continuing to breastfeed my 6 month old son. Part of this arrangement is that he has to fly with me once a week, and nursing him is necessary on the plane to prevent his ears from blocking. As you can imagine this is a moment when dicretion is crucial because you're so close to strangers, but my Momzelle top allows me to do so easily. I should add, too, that I'm a designer, so fashion is critical for me and I never feel like a "mom" wearing any of your tops. (Although I have to confess, I've removed the outer labels, because they are the only give-away!)


Les chandails Momzelle sont tellement bien conçus que je dois souvent montrer à mes amies "la petite fente secrète" qui me permet de nourrir discrètement mon garçon en public. On ne pense pas qu'il s'agisse d'un chandail d'allaitement à première vue.


Hi, my name is Kerri and I am a first time Mom to a 4 month old, beautiful little boy named Fischer. We live in Nova Scotia Canada and all of my family lives in Ontario.  For my birthday this year my Mom (Nana) bought us a plane ticket to go and visit her and the rest of my family. I was very worried about flying on a plane and having to nurse Fischer.....we all know how close the seat are on a plane.  The last thing I wanted was to have the person next to me being a part of my special time with my son.  Coming from such a small town, there are no stores here that sell nursing tops, so when I found I was very happy.  I orderd the humming bird tee and crossed my fingers, hoping it would arrive before I took the dreaded flight.  The day before Fischer and I were to leave the package arrived.....I cried...I was in heaven...the shirt was beautiful, and my mind was eased of the fear of exposing my breasts to complete strangers.  Fischer and I are ready to fly back for another visit.
Thanks you sooooo much Momzelle

Not only is your product amazing but so is your service! It has made me a return happy customer. I wear your tops almost everyday (it is a rare time that I don't) and am so happy that your product exists! :) One picture is of 3 generations on mother's day as I'm wearing my favourite raspberry colour top and the other is me with Sofia in the denim blue.
To all you breastfeeding mama's, happy breastfeeding!

Dear Momzelle,
I was so excited about my new nursing tops as soon as I felt the fabric right to slipping them on. I have a large bust to begin with and now that I am nursing it is even more difficult to find clothes that accentuate my shape rather than hang, hide and make you look huge. I'm also very excited about the organic fabric and supporting a Canadian company. Thanks Momzelle for making me feel like a hot Mama!


I received yesterday the shirt I had ordered for my daughter-in-law. It could not arrive at a better time since she gave birth 18 days early, this last Friday. I gave it to her today, as soon as I could. The size is perfect and it suits her perfectly. She loves it.
Thank you for sending it over to me so quickly.
Kind regards,


bonjour à vous,
Je vous envoie finalement ma photo avec mon col roulé noir que j'adore. Vous faites d'excellent produit de plus qu'ils sont bio. Ce qui correspond très bien à moi et à mon fils William qui porte des couches lavables.  Merci encore et j'espère que ma photo vous plaira.
Valérie Et William..

Je vous envois 2 photos avec mon haut d'allaitement que j'adore. Il est très pratique et facilite grandement l'allaitement en public.
Merci pour vos belles conceptions et votre service

Caroline, Rouyn-Noranda

hi there
here are some pics of me wearing a momzelle tank
when i first started breastfeeding, i was very reluctant to nurse in
public. when i found momzelle online i decided to try some sale items
out. i was instantly a huge fan! your tops are so comfortable,
stylish, and extremely practical. now i nurse whenever, wherever!
thanks momzelle!
eileen and ciaran


Voici deux photos de ma petite et moi dans mon haut d'allaitement Momzelle. Fantastique conception!!!
Merci beaucoup,


Nous revenons d'un voyage en Espagne avec notre bébé qui y a célébré ses 6 mois et mes hauts momzelle (la cami de Vicky en fuschia et le col rond en noir) se sont révélés de précieux compagnons de voyage. Je joins des photos prises près du Mammouth du Parc de la Ciutadella à Barcelone, au zoo de Barcelone et à la porte de l'est à Es Castell à Minorque.




Please accept this picture of me and my kids.  I'm wearing a Momzelle v-neck tee-shirt in denim blue.  I have three Momzelle tops and I wear them every day.  I love them because they are so comfortable, and they are the most convenient clothing for a nursing mom!  Thank you for making such wonderful clothing! 
This picture was taken in Okinawa, Japan. I wish I had Momzelle tops when I was nursing my son.

I love this nursing top and the price is great.

Thanks so much,

Hello, I have attached a few photos of me in my momzelle tank top, I also have a green t-shirt and I LOVE them both so much!  I have washed them both hundreds of times and they still look and feel great.  Thanks for making such a great product!!

Julia L.


 I love love love my new shirt I just purchased! I want one in every color!!
 Here is a photo of Audrey and I nursing in the new shirt!
 Thank you!
Amanda K.

Je suis vraiment heureuse d'avoir découvert les hauts Momzelle. Ils facilitent vraiment l'allaitement en public et la coupe et le tissu sont parfaits. 
J'ai maintenant un t-shirt et deux camisoles et je les porte tout le temps!
Merci beaucoup,

Montréal, Qc 

How to "vacation" with three kids under 4 and still maintain some sanity and most of your hair.


Here is a photo of my wife Katie wearing the v-neck tee.  She loves it and tells her fellow mama friends about your great products.  The picture isnt the greatest, but perhaps it will make you happy to know that there is another woman out there that loves wearing your product. 

Best Regards,

I love my Momzelle tops, thanks!


I really love your nursing tops.  They make me feel so comfortable to nurse in public.  I'm so happy my new daughter nurses well and that I have some of your tops.....I just need more than 2 so I don't have to do laundry every other day!  Thanks for your invention!!

Not the best photos, but all I could find (despite living in the top while nursing).

I loved my Momzelle top! Although I only nurse my daughter at night now, I lived in the top for about 6 months. I only wish I had found your site sooner. The shirt was comfy, a nice material, and something I would even wear if I wasn't nursing (unlike many of the other nursing tops I found). It was discreet, and gave me the freedom to nurse in public.



Je voulais qu'allaiter soit simple... et ce l'est! Merci Momzelle!



Je suis maman pour la 2ème fois d'une petite fille. Ma grande Raphaëlle a maintenant presque 7 ans...à ce moment les hauts d'allaitement n'existait pratiquement pas. Cette fois-ci je suis tombée sur une publicité du site de tout à fait pas hasard. Le hasard fait bien les choses puisque je me suis offert 2 hauts d'allaitement de Momzelle et ils sont mes meilleurs amis. Vivement Momzelle!!! Allaiter n'aura jamais été aussi simple: n'importe où et n'importe quand...même en public. 


Caroline Bérubé
La Tuque

J’ai reçu mon t-shirt bleu marine en remplacement du kaki qui ne m’allait pas et j’en suis comblée. J’ai acheté quelques hauts dédiés à l’allaitement, mais je dois dire que mes chandails à manches longues, courtes et camisole Momzelle sont mes préférés. Le coton est soyeux et de très bonne qualité, ne change pas au lavage, la coupe est seyante (j’adore les emmanchures), et surtout, allaiter est un jeu d’enfant. On peut tout faire d’une seule main et aucun amas de tissu ne se forme; petit chéri a tout l’espace qu’il lui faut. De plus, la discrétion est assurée, car même si une mère peut être très à l’aise de se découvrir un peu pour la bonne cause, les gens qui se trouvent autour d’elle ne le sont pas toujours...

L’allaitement a contribué à établir entre mon fils et moi une complicité très forte, basée l’amour et la confiance mutuelle. Mozelle a contribué à préserver mon autonomie et ma liberté dans mes choix de mère et de femme.

We love Momzelle!

Mon chandail est très confortable et surtout très pratique pour un allaitement discrèt. L’achat en ligne se fait très facilement et l’envoi est rapide.
Merci à vous et encore BRAVO pour votre travail

I love my turtleneck because it is both stylish and functional. It is a breeze to nurse my darling and I don’t have to worry about how to covermy belly and back while nursing!

I was given two of your nursing shirts for Christmas and they have improved my daily life. I didn’t think I’d ever say that about an article of clothing, but they make going out with my little guy so much easier and I feel in style for the first time since being pregnant!

I recently traveled to New Zealand with my husband and daughter Julianne who is now 8 months old. My Momzelle nursing tops were perfect to have along!! Comfortable and stylish, I was able to breastfeed anywhere, including while on the trail! In fact, we made a point of finding spectacular spots for me to breastfeed at!!

Thank you so much for creating such wonderful nursing tops! Thanks to them I am more at ease breastfeeding in public as I don’t feel too exposed. I especially like that the tops are stretchy and comfortable and yet very flattering to my still shrinking tummy. I highly recommend it to any new mom!

I especially love to wear your tops while baby wearing. It is so much easier than having to lift up my shirt for nursing access. I can’t say enough good things about your product. Thanks for making my life easier!


I think it would be interesting to add some models with a fuller bust. When I first saw the momzelle tops I wasn't a fan of how you could see the line in the shirt (where you lift up to nurse); however, when I actually tried the shirt on I realized that my bust was full enough that the opening was actually hidden under. I am so glad that I gave momzelle a try despite my first impression. I have 3 shirts already and am anxiously awaiting the new summer colours!