Nursing Band

Use this nursing band to expand your wardrobe! It can be used under your normal shirt to nurse without showing your belly. It also adds length to your tops and gives a trendy layered look! Available in six colors.

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Made of cotton and spandex (94-6).

If you are hesitant about buying a nursing top, this nursing band/belly band may be for you. For only $20, you can transform any of your regular tops in a nursing top by wearing the nursing band underneath. You can also wear it during pregnancy to cover the space between your bellly and your pants (when all your regular tops get too short). The nice thing about this band is that it does not slide down because of its triangular shape. Trying it is adopting it.

Additional Information

Momzelle sizing has been tested by hundreds of women and the choice has been made easy for you. Simply take the size you are used to wearing (the shirts are made with the postpartum figure in mind). For the tops & dresses, if you hesitate between two sizes from XS to M, take the smallest size. 

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Product Reviews
Number of reviews : 28
Average rating : 4.6 /5
. Erin
  the 01/09/2014
3/ 5
I love this item in theory but find it a bit useless to wear. Yes, it stays up, but it also rides up from the bottom. I'm constantly having to grab around the bottom edge to pull it down so that it can be seen below the shirt that's on top. I have ordered another for my sister-in-law because I'm hoping she'll have better luck, as she's smaller than I am. I'm disappointed that there aren't any white one available; it would the most versatile, logical colour.
. Kayla
  the 27/08/2014
5/ 5
I really like this product especially with nursing tops because it adds length without being bulky or obstructing the use of nursing tops. I was glad I purchased this product to add length to the nursing tops I also bought from momzelle. I would definitely recommend this product. It also works to help hide tummy.
. Sadie
  the 27/03/2014
5/ 5
Perfect for us girls who feel a little shy....This little piece is great for maintaining mid-section modesty while wearing any shirt/sweater/top. I use it for casual wear and it gives the appearance of layering a t-shirt. I like it because I can whip up my top and BF my little one without feeling too exposed.
. Mom of 2
  the 28/01/2014
5/ 5
Very nice to have your tummy covered. Mom's want to have coverage so people can't see what you don't want them too.
. A mommy
  the 07/11/2013
1/ 5
The worst part of this product was following the advice of the other reviews. I am somewhere between a medium or small with Momzelle, depending where I am with postpartum body. And this pregnancy I was on the small side too. I followed many others advice to go with the small size for this, and it is too small. The seam cuts into my body, rides up or rolls up as I use it, and it is difficult to put on. I tried wearing it several times, during each trimester and then now with new baby, and it has never worked well for me.