Momzelle nursing clothing in the media

To all the journalists, mom bloggers and Momzelle wearers who spread the word about Momzelle: thank you, thank you, thank you! Our clothing receives fantastic reviews and we are very grateful.

Prizes and Honours

We're so happy! Momzelle has won the Canada Post E-Commerce Innovation Award 2016 for the Pure-Play of the Year!

We are extremely happy to have won this award and we want to thank you so much for the big part you played in our victory! All the love you show us all the time (especially on Facebook and all the amazing product reviews), enables us to continuously improve and offer you the most efficient and innovative purchase experience. Thank you!
Great news, Momzelle is a finalist for the Canada Post E-Commerce Innovation Awards 2013

We can't believe our luck. Check out the names of the judges! We are finalists in the category "Best Multi-Channel Retailer". We've been working on this website for 6 years now, and we are always looking for ways to make it better. This, combined with all the love you show us all the time (especially on Facebook and all the amazing product reviews), have led us to become finalists for this incredible award. Thank you!

The winner will be announced on September 25th, at a gala in Toronto. Cross your fingers for us! We will keep you "posted" ;)

*** Update: We did not win the award, but we are extremely proud to have been finalists!

Christine Poirier-Brotchie wins the Prix des femmes d'affaires du Québec (Quebec Women in Business Awards) 2013

What an honor! The award, for the small business category, was given on October 30th 2013. Christine Poirier-Brotchie received it from the hands of Élaine Zakaïb, Minister for Industrial Policy and the Banque de développement économique du Québec representing the Quebec Status of Women's Minister.

Lucky to be featured in the CYBF Social Purpose Business Video Series (2012)

Watch this video of Christine Poirier, filmed in Momzelle's office in Montreal, to learn a bit more about Momzelle. The video is in French, as we were representing Quebec French social businesses.
Winner "Best Young Entrepreneurs"

October 2011: Christine Poirier and Vincent Poirier went to the Desjardins Gala at the beautiful Château Frontenac in Quebec city where they received the "Best Young Entrepreneurs" award by the Desjardins Bank. Yay! Monique Leroux is in the middle, Christine Poirier is the one wearing the long black dress and Vincent Poirier is hiding beside her in a black suit.

Finalist "Best Young Entrepreneurs"

June 2011: Desjardins has announced that Momzelle Inc. is finalist for the 2011 Best Young Entrepreneurs Award for the province of Ontario. The winner will be announced at a gala in Quebec city on October 12th. Awesome!
"Best Socially-Minded Business"

Nov. 2010: Wonderful news! Momzelle wins the "Best Socially-Minded Business" CYBF Chairman's Award. There will be a gala in November 2011 in Toronto, where the actual award will be given. We are looking forward to it!

Congratulations Vivian!

In the Financial Post magazine this month of December 2010, is this page congratulating Vivian Prokov for being named one of the 100 most powerful women in Canada. Christine Poirier, co-founder of Momzelle nursing clothing, appears on the bottom row of the picture, second from the left. She is showing her support for such an amazing woman with other young female entrepreneurs who had previously received funding through the CYBF Foundation (led by Vivian Prokop)
Momzelle: official Canadian delegate at the G-20 Summit

Such an honour! Momzelle's co-founders, Christine and Vincent, were official Canadian delegates at the 2010 G-20 Summit in Toronto. They represented young French-Canadian entrepreneurs. This little clip was filmed by the Governement of Canada office of International Trade. It was featured on the Canadian Governement G-20 website and aired on Dundas Square in Toronto.

Vincent Poirier and Christine Poirier, the co-founders of Momzelle, with Canadian Minister of International Trade, the Honourable Peter Van Loan, at the G-20 Young Entrepreneurs Summit in Toronto. He was proud to tell us that his wife breastfeeds their 11 month old baby. How great is that?
Vincent Poirier and Christine Poirier, the co-founders of Momzelle, along with the Canadian Minister of Finance, the Honourable James Flaherty, and the Canadian Minister of Small Business, the Honourable Rob Moore, at the CYBF Press conference announcing a 10 million dollars funding for the Canadian Youth Business Foundation from the Federal government.

Woman of the year
Christine Poirier, Momzelle co-founder, was chosen one of the 28 women of the year by Elle Québec (Issue of March 2010), along with Julia Child, Sonya Sotomayor and Lady Gaga. Incredible, but true!
Woman Entrepreneur of the Year (2009)
Christine Poirier receives the Impact Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award from the hands of Ann Kaplan, the founder of Medicard.

Top Ten Best Breastfeeding Blogs: the Momzelle blog made it to the top!

Radio and TV

October 22, 2018 - Momzelle's maternity/nursing top Rachel is featured on Breakfast Television Montreal during their fashion segment!

Nov. 19th 2010, Christine Poirier is a guest on the French CBC Radio show Au-delà de la 401, to talk about Global Entrepreneurship Week (Nov. 15th to 21st 2010), hosted by the Canadian Youth Business Foundation.

La Presse, Metro (Montreal), Le Journal de Montréal and Salut, bonjour, the Quebec TV morning show, (and more!) covered the Momzelle vs Facebook story. The power of the media worked: on Thursday Nov. 11th, Christine Poirier received a phone call from Facebook public relations, and the same evening, the Momzelle Facebook page was reactivated by Facebook.

Breastfeeding on TV: Momzelle at CBC's Dragons' Den
Look at our proud faces ! The whole process of being chosen then filmed for this CBC reality show was *very* exciting. The Momzelle segment was aired March 3, 2010 at 8PM. Click here to watch the segment if you missed the show!

Momzelle nursing clothing received a lot of attention from the media the week of Nov. 8th 2010, when the Momzelle Facebook page was taken down (and then reactivated 3 days later) by Facebook. The news travelled all the way to France's most important radio station, Europe 1.

More breastfeeding on TV: Momzelle at Rogers TV Daytime Toronto show

Christine Poirier was a guest on the cooking TV show Des Kiwis et des hommes on CBC, with Francis Reddy, Boucar Diouf and Patricia Paquin.

Five minutes of glory for Momzelle on TFO (the French version of TVO). A report by Marta Dolecki, for the public affairs program Panorama.

Momzelle nursing tops are presented as the top pick for baby shower gifts by Catherine Richer on the French version of CBC Radio One, Radio-Canada Première Chaîne . "A gift that moms will really use", says Catherine Richer.

Momzelle's live interview at CJBE radio station
Christine Poirier was interviewed live by Natalie Lapointe on April 17th 2009. For more, click here.

Newspapers and Magazines

Mama Joven featured one of Momzelle's retailer The Mommy Shop in their newest edition of their magazine. Here is the english translation: It is a specialized store for maternity and breastfeeding clothing, based in Costa Rica. They also have a presence in Central America. The dress on the picture is the breastfeeding Megan dress with blue stripes.

This is probably the best picture ever of Christine and Vincent. They were featured in the Desjardins magazine after winning the Best Young Entrepreneurs Award in October 2011.

Traveling news

Pretty cool! Momzelle was featured in the self proclaimed "Japanese Wall Street Journal", the Nikkei Marketing Journal. Who reads Japanese?

This article, intitled "Boost from Mommy Bloggers" by Mary Teresa Bitti, follows up on the deal made in Dragons' Den. "One of the brightest entrepreneurs that I've seen on the Den", says Brett Wilson of Christine Poirier. Published March 8th 2010.
This article, dated of Feb. 10 2010, talks about the Women Entrepreneur of the Year Award that Christine received in November 2009.

Christine Poirier, the co-founder of Momzelle nursing clothing, won a pitch competition. She was photographed alongside two other great competitors of the Impact national conference pitch competition in the December 2009 edition of downtown Toronto Snap. Click on the Snap logo to see the picture.

"Deux Torontoises récompensées aux prix Impact", par Vincent Muller, L'Express, 24 novembre 2009.

Enfants Québec Magazine, November 2009

Momzelle organic nursing tops were featured in the "Eco-shopping" section of the Mompreneur magazine, "Going Green" issue, May 2009 issue, p. 54.
Momzelle nursing wear was named in the "Coups de coeur et indispensables au pays des bébés" in the 2009 Baby Guide.

"Développement des petites entreprises: La FCJE a la recette", by Vincent Muller, Toronto Express, April 2009
Espace Parents, April-May 2009, article by Emmanuelle Plante

Technology: Using the Web to sell a specialty product

Young entrepreneurs

Daryl Lynn Carlson, Financial Post
Published: Monday, January 12, 2009

Mom blogs

Carmen the Modern Mom talks on her youtube channel about two Momzelle garments : the Jeny dress and the Christine top. 

Maman Loup's Den

"T-shirts and leggings. That’s 99% of what I wear. I also wear a lot of horizontal stripes. My Momzelle t-shirt is officially my go-to top. Is it clean? I’m wearing it. I wore it on the airplane to and from Vancouver, and it was the most discreetly I had ever whipped out a boob in the air. "  Lindsay - Maman Loup's Den

"Momzelle has amazingly comfortable and stylish breastfeeding shirts." All About Baby's World
Ivy's Variety "It's super soft and stretchy, which made nursing really easy. And, I can't wait to wear this to the wedding I plan to attend" Ivy - Ivy's Variety 
"I would wear this dress even when breastfeeding is over. It also offers coverage all around the breast if that is what you prefer. I love it!"  Abby - The Badass Breastfeeder
"Since getting a few nursing tanks and tops, I don't know how I ever did without them", Elita, Blacktating Blog.
"It's comfortable, functional and very flattering at the same time", says Emily.
"Whatever style you go with, Momzelle‘s tops are the perfect remedy for moms who are out and about with their breast feeding tiny ones.", says Meredith of Does Mommy Love It.
"This sensational company offers gorgeous tank tops, t-shirts, turtlenecks and other great nursing clothing to help make breastfeeding as easy and comfortable as possible", says Kathryn of Mommy Kat  and Kids Blog.
"This shirt allows for very discreet nursing without the hassle of fidgeting with blankets or covers", says Jessica of Mom of all Trades Blog.
"Their nursing tops allow for easy access which is perfect for nursing in public", says Abby of Abby Approved Blog.
Safe Home Happy Mom "Its a great baby shower gift", says Blessing of Safe Home Happy Mom Blog.
"As much as I don't mind nursing in public I don' ;t want every Tom, Dick, and Harry seeing my boobs. I wear this shirt every other day and I even wear it to bed sometimes", Le Petit Owlet.
Not exactly what I would call a "mom blog"! "7 Unintentional Entrepreneurs" is the title of the article, written by Fleur Bradley. The Momzelle story is featured fourth. Have fun reading it!
"Momzelle nursing wear gives us choices", says Vivian of Natural Baby Goods Blog.
"She (my daughte)doesn't like staying in the dark too long, and she'd always pull the cover away no matter how much I try to keep it over her. With the easy to access nursing openings (of Momzelle nursing tops), it helps make breastfeeding a positive experience for everyone. And best of all, no more exposed tummies.", Jemma, The Mommy Diaries blog.
"I like that I don't have to mess with layers of clothing, I just lift the material over the bust area and nurse. Other nursing tops that I've worn have two full layers and can get hot and feel cumbersome. With these tops I feel much more like I'm wearing a normal shirt", Christy from the blog One Little Word She Knew. 
Eco-Babyz logo "When I was pregnant I made my own nursing cover tailored after the likes of Bebe Au Lait. That is what I used for nursing in public all this time. Lately I kept forgetting the cover at home and would use  whatever piece of cloth I could get my hands on when we are out and about. So my advice for nursing moms and moms-to-be, save yourself a lot of trouble and don't skimp on nursing wear. All you  need is a few shirts, you don't have to change your entire wardrobe or break the bank.", Anastasia, Eco-Babyz blog.
My Wee View

"When I received the Momzelle nursing hoody for the review, I immediately noticed two important things about my clothing. One, it was just about the only thing I had that fit me properly (more on this in a minute) and two, it was probably the first splash of colour in my otherwise drab winter clothing that I have seen in a long, long time." - My Wee View

Happily Domestic "I have been won over by Momzelle! I will never look at nursing tops the same way ever again", Beth Ann Hunter, Happily Domestic.
Logo of Minnesota Mama's Must Haves "I was looking online for a baby shower gift for my friend one day and saw these nursing tops on Momzelle and thought they were so genius", Tracy, Just for me and you.
"The Warm V-Neck is a must have nursing top for winter", Sarah, Minnesota Mama's Must Haves.
Momma in Flip Flops 2 reviews Momzelle "I'm loving the fit and function of this tee", Andrea, Momma in Flip Flops 2
"I was able to review the Momzelle white criss-cross tee and I LOVE it ! It definitely has the ability to dress up or down. I promise you are going to want more than one!", Heidi, The Bragging Mommy

"They make public breastfeeding so much easier, as the openings have enough fabric that you can really hide everything that the baby's mouth isn't covering. The only downside is that they are a little pricey ($45 for a basic t-shirt), but, in my opinion, they are worth it.", Milkmama, Milk Dreams blog.

"Momzelle tops are designed with an opening just under the bust-line that makes breastfeeding so easy. The tops do not bunch up and get in the way of breastfeeding like my other tops. I also didnt have to struggle with a receiving blanket to cover my chest and belly- which always looks so awkward. I am totally hooked on these tops!"

"If you're in the market for nursing tops, I would definitely urge you to splurge on these", Taryn, Littlewhirl: Sweet things for my little squirrel.

"You know that you're getting quality and comfort", Susan, Mommas in the house

Momzelle' story was featured on Click here to read it.

"Adorable nursing wear that can be worn indefinitely is a great investment in your wardrobe!" - Green Baby Giglles logo

We were featured on People's Celebrity Baby Blog
"Not only it's easier to nurse with Momzelle tops... you'll look great doing it. A win-win situation, if you ask me (or my daughter!)."

"As far as style goes, it is definitely the trendiest nursing top", Alexandra, Design for Baby


Nursing Made Easy "Momzelle has nursing tops for all seasons - and each one is modest, elegant, gorgeous and perfect for any nursing mom [...] They are the perfect gift for any nursing (or expecting!) mom. They make nursing in public (or at home) 110% more relaxing."
"These Canadian-made tees are super soft and comfortable, but best of all, they fit to perfection." - Kristen, Cool Mom Picks

"Easy access to feed a hungry baby is a nursing Mom?s dream.[...] Momzelle?s Organic Turtle Neck updates the classic must-have to accommodate new Moms. So nice when wearing baby- and utterly convenient to nurse in the sling." Name best nursing wear of 2008 by Beth from Mama Speaks

"Momzelle's simple nursingwear pieces make breastfeeding convenient and stylish", Green Mom Finds

"Best of all, they don?t look like nursing tops", Sidney, Just the Facts, Baby.

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