My Breastfeeding Journey: Out and About

I had told myself all through my pregnancy that I would not be confined to the house once my little one arrived.  Don’t get me wrong, I also told myself to take it super easy and slow, recover, get to know my baby and give myself nothing to do other than fulfill my daughter’s needs!  I just knew that soon enough I would be antsy to get out of the house.

Of course, that means I would have to breastfeed in public!  After my daughter and I got comfortable breastfeeding, I jumped right in.  I’ll admit that I was intimidated at first, especially when there seem to be new stories everyday of mothers being harassed and humiliated for such a nurturing and natural act.  I am not the most extroverted person and I was nervous about drawing attention to myself.

As it turns out, I love breastfeeding in public.  Here’s why:

I get to participate.  I have been able to maintain my social life, which was very important to my husband and I.  We had heard so much about losing friends when having a child.  Because I breastfeed in public, I haven’t missed out on the conversations at the weekend barbecue!

I feel powerful. Like the shirt says, I make milk, what’s your superpower?  Being able to meet my child’s need while out and about really makes me a bit giddy.  It’s overwhelming being solely responsible for nourishing this little person, but so empowering to incorporate it into my life and keep living!

It’s just so convenient. A few diapers and my boobs is all my daughter needs on our outings.  I’m glad the number of things I have to pack in the diaper bag is limited.  I already never remember an extra shirt for myself and she always throws up on me!

Freedom and flexibility. My daughter is eight weeks old and feeding on demand.  Trying to schedule outings around feeds would be nearly impossible!  So I just go out.  If she needs food, I feed her.  It’s liberating, I tell ya!

What are your favourite things about breastfeeding in public?

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