A letter to my pregnant body




This lovely article is the inspiration for this post.  Five women from various walks of life write letters to their bodies to show a little appreciation.

This is what I would tell my body today:

Dear Body,

I am most appreciative of you these days.  I feel as though you are not even really mine right now, but you belong to the growing baby inside me.  I trust that you will adapt and give all that you can to protect and nurture this new being.

In the meantime, Legs I will try to not resent you for the discomfort you are causing me at night.  It took me until I was 29 years old and had hiked the Inca Trail before I truly appreciated you and your strength, so I can handle a little charlie horse!

Stomach, it may take me some time but I will not let these new stretch marks tear down my self-esteem.  I love how my belly has expanded to nurture and grow my child.  Although, I admit that you and I might have to have a few conversations once this baby is out!

Boobs, you are new to me and I love you!  I have always appreciated you, but lately I see you in a whole new light.  I anticipate how you will be responsible for feeding and comforting my child.  I eagerly await to put you to good use!

Feet, you are fat and hard to reach right now.  I admit that I have never really been fond of you, but I certainly appreciate the places you have taken me and the fact that you are so wide that I have the best balance in my yoga class!

You are not perfect Body, but neither am I!  Thank you for carrying me through this life.

Love Sara
(below is a photo of me a few weeks ago at 10 weeks pregnant)


What would you say to your body today?  How has your attitude and appreciation changed since having children?





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