Testimonial 24

I love the Momzelle tops! I find them particularly wonderful for hiking and nursing. Here is a picture from the south rim of the Grand Canyon on the Bright Angel Trail in October 2009. My daughter Caroline was 10 months old at the time, and it was by far the coolest moment of our nursing experience. My husband and I love hiking, and it was the first time we had hiked the canyon with Caroline. We only hiked 3 miles, but it was a wonderful feeling to take her to a favorite place for us. I found a nook off the trail at a sharp switchback turn and settled in to feed her sitting on some rocks. She had been riding on my husband's back in a comfy carrier but was getting fussy. I felt very comfortable with my Momzelle top covering me while I held her. My husband was sweet and took some pictures of us with the canyon in the background. I wear your tops around the house - out and about - hiking - and especially on airplane flights! I love the coverage and comfort! I am a pediatrician and help breastfeeding mothers in my practice, and I have your magnet on our office refrigerator and tell my patients' mothers about your website. Thanks for a great product!!