Testimonial 28

Here is a photo of my son and I wearing my "I make milk. What's your superpower?" Momzelle nursing top. I love Momzelle tops - I think this one is my 6th one! My nursling is almost 16 months old. I love wearing my Momzelle tops when I know I'm going to need to nurse in a crowded place. My little guy won't sit still for very long and will often want to nurse and then suddenly jump out of my lap. My Momzelle tops make it easy for me to quickly give my son access to mommy's milk and to cover my exposed breast after my son leaves me hanging! I am a proud breastfeeding mama and will talk to just about anyone about breastfeeding. The "I make milk. What's your superpower?" has been a great breastfeeding conversation starter. I've been amazed at how many strangers have come up to me and asked me about breastfeeding. Recently, an older gentleman said to me, "Your shirt says you make milk." He looked at me and then looked at my toddler and then said, "Still?" I proudly said, "Absolutely." He responded, "Good for you, dear." To which I said, "And good for my baby!" This shirt is a must have for any proud breastfeeding mama!