Breastfeeding in the Football Hold: Comfort for Mom and Baby

The football hold, also known as the clutch hold, is a breastfeeding position that involves holding the baby in a position similar to the way a football is held under the arm. In this position, the baby is held on their side with their head and torso supported by the mother's arm, while the mother's other hand is used to support the breast.

One of the benefits of the football hold is that it can be comfortable for the mother, particularly if she has had a cesarean delivery or if she has large breasts. It can also be helpful for mothers who have had breast surgery or who have inverted nipples.

mother breastfeeding with the football hold

To begin breastfeeding in the football hold, the mother should first get comfortable with a pillow behind her back. She should then position the baby on their side with their head resting on the mother's arm and their body facing the mother's body. The mother should then support the baby's head and back with her arm, and bring the baby close to her breast with her other hand. She should then use the hand that is supporting the breast to guide the baby's mouth to the nipple, making sure that the baby's mouth is wide open and that the nipple is positioned towards the back of the baby's mouth.

It's important for the mother to make sure that the baby's nose is clear and that the baby is able to breathe easily while breastfeeding. If the mother is having trouble getting the baby to latch on, she can try gently massaging her breast or using a breast pump to help stimulate milk flow.

The football hold can be a great breastfeeding position for mothers, especially helpful for mothers who have had a cesarean delivery or who have large breasts, as it allows them to support their baby and their breast in a comfortable position.

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