Breastfeeding in the Heat



One of the things that has always impressed me with breastfeeding is that even when it is really really hot outside, your milk is all your baby needs to stay well hydrated. Breastmilk adjusts to a baby’s needs and will become more watery when it’s hot out, so you do not have to give water to your baby. Your milk is the water.

Just as your baby may need to drink more often to stay hydrated when it’s hot, the same applies to you (or anyone else for that matter). Drink lots of water (do not forget that juices are high in calories, so if you are watching your weight, stick with water as much as possible) and try to stay cool.

Good places to stay cool during the hottest moments of the day, usually between noon and 2PM, are air-conditioned spaces. If your own home is not air-conditioned, it could be a good time to do your groceries or to read some stories to your little one at the public library. Shopping malls are air-conditioned too.

When at home, try placing a comfortable chair by a window, or if you have one, in the basement.

Breastfeeding in the heat may be a little uncomfortable, as two sweaty bodies get close to each other. One way to avoid the sticky feeling is to place a light blanket between the two of you when you nurse. It will absorb the sweat.

Have you ever had to breastfeed in the heat? What did you do?


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