Jewelry and Keepsakes made from your precious breast milk




This guest post is written by Karine Lajoie. You can learn more about her in her post below.


A natural gold, a source of authentic life, a precious liquid, this is what your breast milk represents. This special link between mother and child is engraved forever in your heart and it’s now possible to keep a tangible memory of this unique journey. Karine Lajoie, owner and creator of the company La Joie En Rose proposes to transform your liquid gold into a pearl of milk and then inserts it in a jewel or mold of the desired shape!


My atypical way to offer you an extraordinary product

Quebec’s native and now living in Western Canada for 3 years, I was a functionary who died slowly behind her computer. The decision to quit everything (work, home, friends and family) for the unknown accompanied by my husband was the beginning of a new life but also a kind of rebirth. La Joie En Rose was born out of the desire to take my professional life in my hands and to offer women products that resemble me: unique and out of the ordinary.


The act of breastfeeding exceeds nutrition. It’s a way of communicating with the child. Breast milk is complex and inimitable. This makes it a material of unsuspected value.

Using my professional process of solidification and preservation of breast milk, the affordable and personalized service is now available to you in a single click! Odorless and absolutely gorgeous, each pearl of milk is unique in its color from a creamy yellow to a more pearly white, and even the translucency can vary. Your jewel or keepsake also made with resin and accompanied by high quality frames will be the color of your breast milk. You’ll even have the option of including the first curl of baby hair!


La Joie En Rose proposes to immortalize your journey of breastfeeding by a human service, effective and guaranteed. You will receive detailed and safe instructions for sending your precious breast milk as well as for the maintenance of your jewel or keepsake. An irreplaceable experience as well as the link that unites your child and you!



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