Mom and Baby Yoga: Why Should You Start Yoga Practicing?

After 40 long weeks of pregnancy, you are rewarded with an adorable baby to love. But, the arrival of a new baby also comes with a few growing pains, namely getting used to a new schedule.

Taking care of baby leaves you with few precious minutes for anything else, much less exercise. And, even if you are able to squeeze in some workout time, your recovering body must be handled with care. You need an exercise routine that is not only exciting and challenging, it’s gentle on your body as well.

This is where baby yoga comes in. It is a great way to start your postnatal wellness journey and is recommended for anyone who is looking for a healthy, fun activity to do with their new baby.

Other reasons why you should give mom and baby yoga a go :

  • Great Way to Bond with the Baby

In baby yoga, traditional yoga poses are modified so that moms can do the postures while holding their babies. The result is a routine filled with gentle and playful stretches that give both you and baby the chance to learn more about each other.

  • Helps Get Rid of Mommy Brain

For those who don’t know, mommy brain is pregnancy brain but with sleep deprivation added to the mix. When in the middle of an attack, it can be hard to remember your own name, let alone the activities on your agenda for the day. The meditative poses of baby yoga will give your brain activity a boost and, consequently, help your short-term memory reach post pregnancy levels.

  • Helps You Ease Back into the Fit Life

Unlike cardio and other high-intensity exercises, baby yoga acknowledges the changes your body is experiencing. In other words, the poses in this routine will work with your recovering body instead of against it. Furthermore, doing the stretches and strengthening poses in baby yoga can help improve your posture and give your energy levels a boost.

  • Promotes Your Emotional Well-Being

Although it’s filled with many joys, bringing a new life into this world can be stressful as well. Yoga is a form of self-massage and can help relieve any tension you may be feeling. Plus, it gives both dads and moms the opportunity to care for and nourish their bodies with mindful breathing exercises and focused stretches.

  • Good for Baby’s Belly

Is your baby colicky or in some other type of tummy-related distress? The postures and movements of baby yoga will help baby relax, improve digestion, and relieve gas and constipation. It can even help relieve colic.

  • Helps Both Baby and Mom Sleep Better

Every newborn’s mom wants more sleep and baby yoga can help you with that. It’s breathing techniques and meditative qualities will help you relax and unwind. This type of exercise also provides baby with just enough stimulation to ensure he or she sleeps for longer periods of time.

Something to Think About

During and after pregnancy, your body is going through a lot of changes. Thus, your workout wear needs are quite different than before. For instance, no longer can you get away with picking the cheapest sports spa (albeit with the best pattern) on the rack. They don’t provide you with the support that a new mom needs. And, that’s not all, additional clothing considerations include:

  • Loose fit tank top 

    After the baby comes, your belly is saggy and flabby. It’s probably not something that you are interested in placing on display. So, instead of a body-hugging top, consider a tank top that flows. It will stay put during poses like downward dog but won’t be so clingy that you’ll feel self-conscious.

  • Sporty nursing tank top

    Another thing you can consider is a special nursing tank top, which is especially good for those nursing moms who would like to start yoga or some sport activities with their babies. Due to the option of cinching the sides at the bottom, this top becomes good option for the pregnancy period as well.

  • Seamless nursing bra

    For new moms, seamless nursing bra can be another wise decision, because it is versatile, comfortable and extremely supportive!

  • High rise leggings

    When in certain poses, shorts can bunch up in unflattering and uncomfortable ways. There are few things that can ruin your flow than stopping to adjust your workout clothing. So, if you want to avoid this, opt for high rise leggings instead. These types of bottoms generally stay put and if you get one with a wide waistband, you can get excellent coverage for your mama muffin top as well.

Yoga has many benefits for both you and baby. So, grab your yoga mat and get started today! Namaste.

This is a guest post written by Emily Adams. She is a marketing specialist at YogiWear having a main focus on development and implementation of marketing ideas. Her primary points are yoga life, benefits of yoga, yogi lifestyle and yoga wear.  



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