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When she was around fourteen months, I came to the decision to gradually wean my daughter.  The main reason for this move was because my husband and I have always wanted at least two children, relatively close in age.  Here we were with a one year old and I hadn’t got my period back yet!  After lots of googling and talking to my doctor, cutting back seemed to be necessary.  It was not an easy decision.  It came with a big dose of mommy guilt and it required major hubby involvement.


I spent a few weeks gradually unlatching before she was fully asleep and then the night came for no nursing.  It happened to be on Mother’s Day.  I had been the one to put my baby to bed for over a year.  I nursed her to sleep every single night.  When my husband and I approached weaning, bedtime was my biggest concern.  He took the challenge with compassion and enthusiasm.   He sat me down and told me to get out of the house!  Well, he said he felt that our daughter would accept him putting her to bed easier if I was not present.  He sent me to the movies with a friend and promised to text how it went.

Over the next few days, he gently established a new routine with our daughter.  They read stories, sang a few songs and cuddled with her favourite stuffed monkey.  He put her in her crib and stayed by her side as she fell asleep.  There were a few tears and frankly, it was easier on me to be out of the house for the first evenings (or those tears might have been mine).  Knowing my husband was there to reassure and support our daughter during this time made the transition easier on the whole family.  My daughter responded so well to this new routine.  I was almost insulted she didn’t miss nursing!


It was not as simple as my husband doing the bedtime routine.  He supported me emotionally.  He understood how important breastfeeding was to me and our daughter.

It seems cutting back did the trick.  I’m expecting our second child early next year 🙂


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