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Here is a list of breastfeeding resources in the Montreal area. I hope these resources will be useful to you! All the links are working, and the information was updated on May 1, 2009. My advice: if you feel that the advice you are receiving is not helpful to you, go knock on the next door. 


I have heard a lot of good things about the HERZL Breastfeeding Clinic and I am very curious to know what you thought of the service received at other specialized breastfeeding clinics. Please let me know your comments! Coming soon, the list of resources in the Quebec region. 


To read online:

Telephone helplines and mom-to-mom support:

  • La Leche League: 1-866-255-2483 (1-866-allaite) ( meetings/training, breastfeeding counselors in case of problems)
  • Nourri-Source : (514) 948-5160 (breastfeeding peer counselors, weekly breastfeeding drop-ins at CLSCs in several neighborhoods)


Specialized breastfeeding clinics (on referral from a doctor, nurse, midwife or lactation consultant ONLY):

  • Jewish General Hospital, HERZL Breastfeeding Clinic , 4333 Chemin de la Côte Ste-Catherine, Montréal, Tel : (514) 340-8222, p. 3269. Fax: (514) 340-8634,  Open Monday to Friday. By reference only.
  • LaSalle Hospital, Specialized Breastfeeding Clinic, Tel : (514) 362-8000 extension 1817, by appointment only with referral from a doctor, nurse, or lactation consultant (7 to 14 days before you can get an appointment)

To get professional help quickly and without a doctor's referral:

  • IBCLC breastfeeding consultants (home visits / service fees): Consult, "find a consultant near you” or tel. (514) 990-0262 






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