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For those in the Quebec City area (this is where my brother Vincent and I, the founders of Momzelle, are from – to be more specific we are from Cap-Santé), here is a list of resources for breastfeeding. I can't recommend breastfeeding preparation during pregnancy enough. It helps to get breastfeeding off to a great start! In addition, in October of each year, at Place Fleur de Lys, the Breastfeeding Challenge is held. It is a kind of competition between cities/communities. The winner is the one with the largest number of breastfeeding women at the same time, in the same place. I will let you know the exact date of the event at the appropriate time.

Here is the list of the many organizations that support breastfeeding in Quebec City and its surroundings:

Breastfeeding assistance clinic by appointment, breast pump rental, prenatal meetings, help line: 418-663-2711

Breastfeeding assistance clinic by appointment, peer counseling, information evenings, pre and postnatal meetings, helpline: 418-877-5333

  • Mamie Lait (Lorretteville, Val Bélair et Valcartier) :

Breastfeeding assistance clinic by appointment, information sessions, meetings, sale and rental of breast pumps, help line: 418-847-1957

Help line : 418-623-0971, breast pump rental

Among the many prenatal and postnatal services offered by the organization, there are breastfeeding peer counselors and a lactation consultant available by appointment. This is a new service offered since February 2009. To reach the centre: (418) 834-8085

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