Romance for the New Mom – Valentine’s Day Re-Invented

The top five romantic gestures a new mom deserves this Valentine’s Day (and any other day of the year, too!)


Ok, partners, your wife/girlfriend/spouse has grown, birthed and nourished a baby recently, here are a few ways to let her know you see her and appreciate her in this foggy, soggy and sleepy phase of life we call parenting little ones:

1 – Take the kids out.
Nothing says I love you like alone time!  Give Mama a chance to shower with the door closed, read a book without pictures in it and eat chocolate outside of the closet 🙂  Self-care is an often overlooked and oh so important part of motherhood, encourage it!

2 – Date Night, new mom style
It took me a bit of convincing to leave my nurslings for even an hour when they were itty bitty, but getting out of the house, with just my partner, is a breath of fresh air.  We actually talk about non-parenting things (for a few minutes anyway) when out on a date!  Make the evening stress-free; grandparents babysit, restaurant nearby, just dessert, whatever she wants.  Night can even be replaced by day. Day dates are my favourite!  An afternoon stroll, a brunch date; there is romance a-plenty in quality couple time that doesn’t make me stay up past my bedtime (which is 9:15pm…latest!)

3 – Say it out loud
Take her by the shoulders, look into her eyes and tell her what you love about her, tell her she’s doing a great job, tell her she’s beautiful.  The options are endless here, fellas!  Take a moment to stop the crazy, hectic, often overwhelming world and tell her something that will make her smile, blush, flourish and otherwise swell with happiness.

4 – Turn on the sexy
This may look a little different than it did pre-children.  Here are a few sexy looks that make a new mom swoon: babywearing papa, dish-doing daddy, story-reader, foot-massager and dinner server.  Am I right, mamas?  Watching our partners play, cuddle, laugh, and just be with our kids is all kinds of sexy and so is a sink not full of dirty dishes.

Um, hello! Our hubbies might not look like this fellow, but you get what I’m saying, right?


5 – The classic, stereotypical Valentine’s stuff…you can’t go wrong with chocolate!
Coming home with flowers, chocolate, her favourite ice cream, take out, or something pretty (like this, told you times have changed!) is always appreciated and an easy way to make Mama feel special.

I’ve clearly written this post for your partners, Mamas, so be sure to leave it open on the desktop 😉  Valentine’s is the holiday of love and no one knows love like a new mom.  You deserve to get as much as you give!

What does Valentine’s Day look like in your house?  What would be the perfect Valentine’s gift for you?


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