The Best Fashion Accessory for Moms? – Your baby, of course

Wear All the Babies! It’s International Babywearing Week 2017

From Oct 2nd to Oct 8th, babywearing is having its fun in the spotlight! This wonderful parenting tool deserves to be celebrated.  My love for my carrier is strong and true!  What would I have done without it?!

My son sleeping in the Ergo.

I will treasure that view forever.


I was lucky to witness my sister have her two children before I started on my parenting journey.  I saw her and her husband strap the girls on and get on with their day <img src= I was also lucky to inherit the carrier when I had my first child.  By then I was researched up to the eyeballs in all things mothering, but still appreciated solid advice from my mom friends that had carried before me.  So let me now impart my wisdom

Here are a few tips to get started on your babywearing journey:

- Try different kinds! There are so many options out there; ring sling, mei tai, soft structure, wrap and more.  Newborns and toddlers have different needs and may need different carriers.  Many boutiques that sell carriers offer a lending program or will let you try it out before buying.  Look up your local chapter of Babywearing International Day to find out more about swapping and trying all the options.  I borrowed a ring sling from a friend and was gifted a wrap.  My newborn and I ended up preferring the wrap. Then we moved to the Ergo Baby when my child was 4 months old.


Momzelle mama, Bailey, shared this sweet photo of nursing in

a ring sling while wearing our Sophie nursing top.

- Breastfeed and Babywear! Multi-task like a boss! It can take a little tweaking, like loosening the straps of a carrier, but once you get the hang of breastfeeding in a carrier a whole new world opens up.  I would grocery shop, playdate, take the older kid to daycare, write blogs, eat my dinner; all while being able to easily nurse my littlest.  Obviously, the task is easier when wearing an awesome nursing shirt 😉



Momzelle co-founder (and my husband)

babywearing like a pro.

- Think long term – The price tags of some of these carriers are a little intimidating, but it is a worthwhile investment.  You can carry your child for years!  My three year old still asks to go in sometimes.  A good carrier should evenly distribute the weight of a hefty toddler.  It should also be able to adjust easily to fit both you and your partner and carry on the front or back.



Watch as your children turn into nurturing,

doll wearing mamas :)

We eventually made my daughter

her own sized carrier!

There are so many benefits to babywearing.  The confidence and closeness that I felt while carrying my kiddos is something I still carry with me, even though they are getting to big to lug around!  Enjoy it!

Happy International Babywearing Week! What is your favourite carrier?

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