Tips for Getting the Best Postnatal Sleep

This is a guest post by Sarah from Sleepy Deep. She writes about everything sleep related and is a firm believer in the value of consistent high quality sleep.


Tips for Getting the Best Postnatal Sleep

The little one has finally arrived and while you are beyond excited about the newest addition to your family, getting sleep is still on the forefront of your mind. Because let’s face it, with a new baby, good sleep will be hard to come by. That’s why we’ve prepared these tips for getting the best postnatal sleep.


  1. Sleep When the Baby Sleeps

There’s  a reason why this is a common saying among new mothers. An assistant sleep specialist Margaret Park, quoted for WedMd, states that while it might be tempting to catch up on your favorite show or do the large pile of dishes in your sink, if your baby is taking a nap, you should take a nap too. You should accept the piles of laundry or the need to vacuum because once the baby is up, you have to be up too.


  1. Say ‘Yes’ to Help

Don’t be too proud to take a little help from friends and family during this new transition period. Accept any help you can get! Whether it be from a friend, family member, or a hired babysitter, let them take watch over the little one so you can catch up on your sleep.

While it might seem like sleep is a luxury, it is also a medical requirement you need to function. There is nothing wrong with letting someone else take the reins while you get some much needed shut eye.


  1. Use a Body Pillow

Using a body pillow can help you fall asleep should you be struggling with your new schedule. While body pillows are quite popular during pregnancy, they can still be used after the baby has arrived. Not only will they help keep you cool, they also provide proper back and hip support which is especially important after giving birth.

According to, a body pillow will assist sleep due to added comfort and support. The best body pillows will enable better sleep by:

  • Reducing hip, shoulder, and/or leg strain
  • Relieving spinal strain
  • Allowing you to sleep in more therapeutic positions
  • Supporting your neck while you sleep
  • Allowing your muscles to relax deeper which improves circulation

Any new mom looking for some extra comfort while she sleeps should definitely consider a body pillow.


  1. Limit Caffeine

While reaching for your coffee mug might seem ideal to get that extra kick in the morning, it can actually hinder your sleep. Taking in too much caffeine will inhibit sleep when you finally get the chance to lie down. So try and limit your coffee to one cup a day.


  1. Keep Your Baby Close

Another great idea for nursing mothers; getting  a bassinet that either sits next to the bed or attaches to it. This keeps you from having to get out of bed during  the night for a feeding. When your little one begins to stir, they are already by your side. All you need to do is roll over, scoop them up for their feed and when you’re  done, you’ll both be back to sleep in no time.

Keeping your baby close at night  will also allow you to breastfeed on demand. Besides, as a new mother, why  wouldn’t you want your baby close while sleeping?

New mothers everywhere need all the help they can get to catch those precious zzz’s. Whether you enlist the help of family and  friends or use a comfy body pillow, make sure you are doing everything you can to get some well deserved sleep.


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