Turning your Breastmilk into Jewelry

This is a guest post written by Karine Lajoie. A few years ago, Momzelle introduced you to Karine Lajoie, founder of La Joie En Rose. This designer uses breast milk to make jewelry, symbols of the unique bond with your child. Today she will update us on her most recent projects.



My name is Karine Lajoie and, as I told you a few years ago, I am of Quebec origin and I moved to Western Canada to follow my spouse in his professional obligations. At the time, I worked in the government of Quebec and had not yet discovered my entrepreneurial spirit. I have always wanted to do something that I was passionate about and moving out west allowed me to pursue this dream.


I have always been passionate about this irreplaceable bond that comes with breastfeeding and it was by talking with other mothers that the idea came to me in 2016 to create jewelry based on breast milk. Imagine that your milk, this liquid that nourishes your baby, is transformed into a jewel that you wear as a reminder of this moment in life that passes so quickly but which means so much ...


My partner joined me in this magnificent project and his knowledge of chemistry led us to work on a preservation process which has improved even more since our beginnings and which ensures that our jewelry does not turn yellow over time. This is what differentiates the quality of our production from that of our competitors: our customers are satisfied because the jewel remains as beautiful as on the first day.

 Since our debut in 2016, our product offer has also really improved: rings, pendants, earrings of course, but also bracelets and even adorable stuffed animals with the possibility of personalizing your orders by having parts of the umbilical cord, placenta in the form of powder or hair ... There are so many possibilities that the best is to go and see all the details on the site!


One of the things that I enjoy most about my work, beyond the artistic aspect, is the relationship that I have with my clients. Sometimes they tell me their story, from the most beautiful to the most sad in the case of perinatal mourning. In any case, these women entrust me with a part of themselves, literally as well as figuratively, and in return, I put my whole heart into creating the most beautiful memories for them.


Perhaps you are wondering how to mail your breast milk? It’s actually extremely SIMPLE. Everything is detailed on the site and I send you detailed instructions in the email confirming your order.


And one last option that I would like to tell you about and that is very close to my heart is our La Joie Au Next program, which allows us to donate $ 1 for each piece of breast milk sold to an organization related to breastfeeding or breastfeeding. parenthood. It could be that additional actions will be implemented, in addition to the $ 1 donated per sale, in the coming months.


To find out more about our creations or for any questions, do not hesitate to contact me and I will answer you personally. Finally, if you are reading this from elsewhere than in Canada, know that I deliver all over the world. Maternal love has no borders and neither do I!


Hope to talk to you very soon!





Website: https://lajoieenrose.ca

Facebook: La Joie en Rose

Instagram: @lajoieenrose

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