Behind the scenes – The making of our Seamless Nursing Bra

YIWU City – China

A Visit to our Seamless Bra manufacturer

Last year, we introduced our new seamless nursing bra.  With great success and a demand for more than just the sporty black and white option, we decided to order this style of bra in three new colors; beige, pink and navy with white dots.

Our designer/production coordinator, Camille, took the opportunity to visit the factory in China to learn each step in the method of manufacturing a seamless bra! It was a very interesting and rewarding tour.

The manufacturing plant is located in Yiwu City, a rather industrial city 300km south of Shanghai. Yiwu is famous for the production of seamless underwear and for making fashion jewelry!

  1. the first step is to knit tubes. The plant has 125 tubular machines and each machine can weave up to 350 tubes each day. Each machine is set to form a tube of a certain circumference equivalent to the size of the bra.


 2. Then each tube is inspected one by one before being sent to be dyed


3. The dying factory is outside of the city. China is very concerned about environmental pollution.  It is very difficult and expensive to obtain a license for a dyeing factory.


4. Once the tubes are back from the dying factory, they are checked and inspected again!

 5. Each tube is cut manually to clear the neckline and armholes.


  6. The next step is to have Momzelle printed on the label of the garment. This process happens through heat transfer. The machine reaches 150 degrees Celsius.


  7. Then, on the sewing floor, each seamstress receives a bra with pink stitching that shows them where they need to sew to make the garment.


  8. When finished, the bra goes through one final quality check. the bra will be measured and inspected to ensure that there is no defect.



  9. The last step is to add the detailing and labels to clothing. Then it is packaged and the clothes are ready to ship!


Camille was welcomed by very generous and friendly people at all our manufacturers.  We feel very fortunate to have met many of the workers and to see such bright and clean conditions.

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