Testimonial 17

Hi, my name is Kerri and I am a first time Mom to a 4 month old, beautiful little boy named Fischer. We live in Nova Scotia Canada and all of my family lives in Ontario. For my birthday this year my Mom (Nana) bought us a plane ticket to go and visit her and the rest of my family. I was very worried about flying on a plane and having to nurse Fischer.....we all know how close the seat are on a plane. The last thing I wanted was to have the person next to me being a part of my special time with my son. Coming from such a small town, there are no stores here that sell nursing tops, so when I found Momzelle.com I was very happy. I orderd the humming bird tee and crossed my fingers, hoping it would arrive before I took the dreaded flight. The day before Fischer and I were to leave the package arrived.....I cried...I was in heaven...the shirt was beautiful, and my mind was eased of the fear of exposing my breasts to complete strangers. Fischer and I are ready to fly back for another visit. Thanks you sooooo much Momzelle